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More than building machines, we stand for the timeless pursuit of adventure. Freedom for the soul.


In 1903, out of a small shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, four young men lit a cultural wildfire that would grow and spread across geographies and generations. Their innovation and imagination for what was possible on two wheels sparked a transportation revolution and a motorcycle culture that would make Harley-Davidson one of the most recognized and revered brands in the world.

all for freedom

Since the beginning, we’ve proudly and authentically stood up for the things we believe in most: the rebel spirit in all of us, unity, individuality and personal freedom. These beliefs and a desire to find freedom on two wheels forge a bond that brings Harley-Davidson riders, employees, dealers, and suppliers together.

On our quest to build the next generation of riders globally, we welcome all who share these beliefs and a desire to enjoy the world on a motorcycle.


The company is executing a set of actions, referred to as The Rewire, that will be further developed over the coming months, leading to a new strategic plan. These actions are part of a comprehensive Rewire playbook designed to address top priority opportunities, drive consistent execution and reset the company’s operating model in order to reduce complexity, sharpen focus and increase the speed of decision making. The company expects The Rewire actions - those already taken and those that will be implemented over the coming months - to lead to the definition of a new 5-year strategic plan. Key elements of The Rewire:

-Enhance core strengths and better balance expansion into new spaces

-Prioritize the markets that matter

-Reset product launches and product line up for simplicity and maximum impact

-Build the Parts & Accessories and General Merchandise businesses to full potential

-Adjust and align the organizational structure, cost structure and operating model to reduce complexity and drive efficiency to set Harley-Davidson up for stability and success

Each of these key elements of The Rewire playbook includes actions that have been implemented or are currently being developed. The company plans to share more about The Rewire in its Q2 update.


More than building machines, we stand for the timeless pursuit of adventure. Freedom for the soul.


Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the parent company for the groups of companies doing business as Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC) and Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS).



Harley-Davidson manufactures and sells custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles that feature leading-edge styling, innovative design, distinctive sound, and superior quality with the ability to personalize. We also provide:

  • Riding experiences and events
  • Accessories to customize our motorcycles
  • Riding apparel and gear for riders and passengers
  • Casual apparel and accessories for riders, passengers and enthusiasts
  • Motorcycle service parts


Harley-Davidson Financial Services offers a complete line of financing options and insurance products and services to help get and keep customers on the road. HDFS offers to dealers and customers:

  • Wholesale and retail financing
  • Insurance
  • Extended service and other protection plans
  • Credit card programs



How We Go To Market


Our products are distributed through a global network of independent dealers, most of which exclusively carry Harley-Davidson? products and provide world class customer service and experiences.?

We have more than 1,400 independently owned Harley-Davidson? dealerships in nearly 100 countries. These are the people who show up every day to deliver unrivaled experiences for our amazing customers. Our dealers are ambassadors of the brand and create experiences and bonds that can last a lifetime.?

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We are focused on diversifying our customer base within the U.S. as well as expanding our reach outside the U.S. To build on that momentum, we have evolved our customer-led approach to include a deeper understanding of consumer life stages and cultural shifts. These insights are driving a richer, more targeted marketing and product development approach that will help us continue to diversify our customer base and reach the next generation of riders globally.

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